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An Outstanding Church School

Mrs Cowling will be absent from school due to a planned knee operation from Monday the 30th October returning after a phased recovery towards the later part of the half term.

Mrs Cairns will be deputising in her absence and Mrs Cowling will remain in close contact with the school.

Easter service 2016 at St Johns Church, Bishop Monkton.

Eagles children reading Mark 14 v. 17-26: The Last Supper.

Kingfishers singing 'Tuishi Pamoja'. Herons perform their Friendship poems.
Eagles children reading: Jesus on the cross. Robins singing 'I'm a chicken'. Eagles children reading: The Resurrection.
Eagles performing their drama. Owls singing 'You've got a friend in me'. Herons children reading prayers.


Herons class wrote and read their own prayers.


Dear lord,

Thank you for friendship that circles around us.

Thank you for friends who are not only there for us through the good times but supports us through the bad times.



Dear Lord,

We will travel our lives with friendship in our hearts.

It is there for us in every situation.

Jesus is our guide light to friendship and the key to friends.

Lord, help us to have friendship because sometimes it is what we desperately need.

Friendship is a part of us.



Dear Lord,

Thank you for friends that help us through our lives.

And for people who can see what we think.

Thank you for people who sit by our side when we are hurt.

Thank you for family.



Dear Lord,

We will love friends as they come and go.

They will stay beneath our hearts.

Friends will help when we need them and we will help when they need us.

Lord let us pray and help people out there that are lonely.

Thank you.






Christmas service 2015 at St Johns Church, Bishop Monkton. 

 Robins class singing their own version of '12 days of Christmas'.

 Reading from Luke, Angel Gabriel speaks to Mary. Herons singing 'It's a magical time'.

 Reading from Luke, The Angel visits the shepherds.

The school choir singing 'This little light of mine'.

 Kingfishers singing 'Santa Claus is coming to town'.
Eagles singing 'Rocking around the Christmas tree'.  Prayers read by Kingfisher children.  


Kingfishers class wrote prayers for the Christmas service:


Dear Lord

We pray for all those who need our help at Christmas. Please give warmth to the poor, homes for the refugees and family to the people who are lonely. Give food to the hungry and to the sad. Let us pray for people who don't get presents. Help them.



Dear Lord

Thank you for presents and the happiness that they bring at Christmas time and for having a roof over our heads. Also thank you for the birth of baby Jesus.