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An Outstanding Church School

Sport 2016/2017



On Tuesday 7th March, a selected group of children went to Ripon Outwood Academy to take part in the area orienteering.  We took a team of Y4 boys and Y4 girls, a team of Y5 boys and Y5 girls and a team of Y6 boys and Y6 girls.  Each team had to stay together to collect markers from around the school field following their orienteering map within 15 minutes.  If they did not return to the finish after the 15 minutes they were penalised with time penalties.  The boys teams did really well and worked together well as teams.  The girls did slightly better and each team won their age groups.  Well done to all.




The netball club took part in a competition on Monday 6th March at Ripon Grammar School.   Two teams were entered and they were all excited especially as they had been training hard over the past half term.  Mrs Cowling who took both teams said “they all did brilliantly, especially playing on full size courts”.  The teams finished 3rd and 7th respectively.  



Gymnastics Y3/Y4

On Monday 6th February, two teams of gymnasts headed off to Ripon Outwood Academy to take part in the Ripon area Gymnastics competition.  They were all quite nervous as they set off, but after a morning of practice the two teams looked ready and confident to go.  Each team member had to take part in three elements of gymnastics, body management, floor exercise and vault.  Mr Coupland who accompanied the gymnasts particularly noted the boy’s performances and said  “they tried really hard to remember each routine without any prompting”.  



Key Steps 3 Gymnastics

On Wednesday 1st February, two teams of gymnasts went to Ripon Outwood Academy to take part in the gymnastics competition.  There were 3 different elements for the gymnasts, body management, vault and floor exercise. The body management and floor exercises the gymnasts had to perform the different elements but also learn the routines.  We had a year 6 team and a year 5 team and they came 5th and 6th overall, with only 4 points separating from the overall winners of Burton Leonard.  Thank you to all the gymnasts who came to practices and performed well to represent the school.



Change4life Target Festival for Year 3 and 4

All of Kingfishers went to the target festival held on the 9th January 2017 at Ripon Outwood Academy.  This was the first outing of the New Year in regards to sport.  The children were split into different groups and moved around various activities for example, kurling target, archery range and target dominoes.  All the challenges were to help the children with improving their target skills and to introduce them to new ideas.  Everyone had a great time and Elizabeth Warne was awarded a sportband for demonstrating excellent teamwork, the sportbands are given out by the sports leaders who lead the activities.



Sportshall Athletics Year 3/4

Kingfishers once again had a whole afternoon of sport, but this time it was Sportshall Athletics and it was a competition.  Many had never tried or heard of Sportshall Athletics before and took part in all the new challenges they were faced with.  They had to complete many different activities like:- standing long jump, chest throw, speed bounce, running and vertical jump.  All the points were added up from each event and Bishop Monkton were placed 2nd overall out of 9 teams that took part, well done Kingfishers.


Y3/4 mixed football

Two teams headed from school on Wednesday 16th November to take part in the Y3/Y4 mixed football competition at Rossett High School.  The games were played on the 4G pitch in the biting wind and cold.  Up against 8 teams altogether teams did really well, team A came 5th overall and team B came 1st overall.  During the matches two players were selected to receive special bands for the honesty, respect and team playing, well done to both Henry Collings and Thomas Stevens for displaying these fantastic values in sport.


Y5/Y6 Girls Football Final

After winning the first round of the girls football tournament.  The Y5/Y6 team had the chance to play again in the grand final held at Rossett High School.  Inspite of the cold, wind and rain the girls all played their socks off and narrowly missed out on representing the Harrogate District in the Level 3 event next year.  Lydia Smithson was awesome in goal and made some terrific saves.  Well done and congratulations on being runners up.


Girls Football Y5/Y6

Ten girls set off from school to compete in the Girls only football tournament with great enthusiasm at Rossett School.  Some of the girls were keen to show off their footballing skills and some were apprehensive as they had never really played football before.  The apprehensive ones were a little shy to come on the pitch at first, but when they did they didn’t want to come off.  The goalkeepers Cassie and Lydia did not let a goal in between them, because of this they were the winners of the tournament, Rob Coupland said “ the girls were amazing, fantastic sports, supportive of each other and played great football ”.  They are now through to the Grand Final of the Y5/Y6 girls football to played later in November, good luck girls.


Year 1 and 2 Infant Agility

The whole class enjoyed the opportunity to show off their sporting skills at the annual Infant Agility at Ripon Outwood Academy.  The children took part in various agility skills like long jump, ball throw, one foot balance and target throw.  The children certainly looked like they were having an amazing time.  Well done to Owls for taking part so enthusiastically.




Sportshall Athletics

After the success of winning the Ripon Schools athletics in October, the 18 squad team headed to St. John Fishers Secondary School in Harrogate to compete in the Grand Final of Sportshall Athletics for the second year running.  They were up against the top competing schools in the Harrogate School Sports Partnership, after the prelim rounds of 60 schools only 8 schools remained for the Grand Final. 

The team finished a credible 5th place, beating last year’s positon of 8th place overall.  A fantastic achievement for our small school and massive, massive well done and congratulations to the team.




Y6 Bikeability

Despite the rain, over two days training, the Y6’s were taught the skills of riding their bikes safely firstly to master basic skills on the playground and then progressed to using the roads in the local area.  The Bikeability tutors were impressed with all the pupils and were awarded either a level 1 or level 2 in competency.  Happy, safe biking to all the Y6’s in the future.




Y5 Football Tournament at St.Aidans

As the Y6 were completing their Bikeability training, it was up to the Y5’s to compete in this football tournament at St. Aidans.  The team were really excited and enthusiastic to take part and all said they enjoyed playing. 

This was the first outing of the brand new football kit which was donated by the Friends of Bishop Monkton School a very heart felt thank you as the new kits are in the school colours and look really smart.  Another special mention to Mr Dennis Bailey we who kindly spent many, many hours during the summer holidays putting the school logo on all the football kits, polo shirts and waterproof jackets, again a huge heart felt thank you to Mr Bailey for doing this.



Intra Orienteering Competition October 2016

Luckily the afternoon stayed quite dry with just a small threat of rain.  All of KS2 were put into mixed house teams to take part in the second intra orienteering competition.  All the children were really enthusiastic and enjoyed taking part.  A special mention and thank you to the Y6 sports crew who ran the whole event very responsibly.   During Friday’s celebration assembly the winners were announced, with the winning house to be GREEN GOBLINS…well done.




Sportshall Athletics

This took place on Thursday 6th October 2016.  A large squad of 18 pupils were selected to take part in the sportshall athletics held at Ripon Outwood Academy.  Each pupil had to take on 2 track events and 2 field events.  The team as a whole performed fantastically gaining lots of points for each of the events they competed in and came out as overall winners.  This now means they are now going to represent the Ripon area on the 9th November at St. John Fishers to compete in the overall area final.




Annual Fitness Test

On Monday 16th May 2016, the whole school took part in a BLEEP TEST.  This is a recognised fitness test used throughout the country.  We ran this event last year and decided to do it again this year.  All the children improved their level from 2015 which is fantastic.  The Wrens all took part too, so watch out next year.

The children had to run between two sets of cones 20 metres apart, keeping up with the BEEP.  As the test continues through the levels the children had to keep up with the increased pace.

Year Group






Jack Warne




Cerys Jones




Harry Anderson-Richardson




Anna Hobson




Owain Jones




Cassie Holliday




Thomas Rogers




Elizabeth Warne and Saffron Dunk




Louie Wilson




Harriet Hughes




Billy Ross




Lily-May Anderson Richardson




Alexander Wyatt




Isabelle Forsythe




Mrs Coupland, as Sports Coordinator, receives the School Games Bronze Award on behalf of the school.  This national 

scheme rewards schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into their community. Well done to everyone who has helped secure this award and to Mrs Coupland for all her hard work.


Additional PE Clothing for Winter Lessons

To Parents/Carers

PE Clothing

Please could you make sure your child has the following additional  NAMED PE clothing, as we will be continuing with PE outside for as long as possible.

  • Dark tracksuit bottoms or leggings
  • Appropriate footwear – Trainers
  • Fleece – additional to their school jumper
  • A light waterproof jacket – not a coat
  • Hat and gloves.

Thank you

Mrs Coupland

Sports Co-ordinator