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An Outstanding Church School


Welcome to Kingfishers class page. We are year 3 and 4 children, our teacher is Miss Fay who is supported by Mrs Smithson.



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Summer Term 2017 


Pirates versus Mermaids

Kingfisher class was proud to present their class production Pirates Versus Mermaids.  In the play, a group of pirates needed to learn how to swim to pass their ‘ARRR’ levels.  They ended up seeking the help of the mermaids, who they intensely dislike, to help them learn how to swim.  The children quickly learnt their parts and the songs.  They performed confidently and with massive smiles on their faces in front of family and friends.  

“I loved the songs and the acting.  My favourite part was when the mermaids had to say that pirates are better than mermaids.” I


York Theatre Trip

Kingfishers class had the exciting opportunity to do a play script writing workshop at York Royal Theatre.  We started our day by learning about what makes a good play and pretending to be objects in a forest to create our own setting.  Throughout the day, we developed, wrote and edited our own play scripts.  We also performed our ideas in front of other children in the class.

“My favourite part was when we were in pairs and you had to act out where you were and then your partner had to guess the setting“ Izzie

“I liked the acting.  We got to act out a story about pirates and mermaids.” Harry C



Roald Dahl Week

Kingfishers have had a very exciting week celebrating World Book Day and learning all about Roald Dahl.  Our exciting activities have included a Roald Dahl School activity day, creating our own rhyming couplets based on Crocky-Wock the Crocodile, drawing Quentin Blake style illustrations of Dahl’s stories and researching all about Dahl on the internet.  



Science week

In Kingfisher class, we developed our scientific enquiry skills by carrying out some experiments.  We used our Scientific Enquiry Superheroes Supergirl and Spy Magnus to check that they were fair tests and to observe what was happening.

“I liked doing the experiments in Science Week.  There was one where you made slime using cornflour, water and food colouring.  It looked like a solid but it also felt like a liquid.” 



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Visit to Magna Science Adventure Park

Kingfishers went on a visit to Magna Science Adventure Park.  We had a fantastic time.  We went around the different pavilions to find out more about fire, air, water and earth.  Then we finished our visit by becoming dinosaur detectives.

“I liked the water pavilion the best as I liked to see how the boat went down the locks in a river.” S

“I really liked the earth pavilion where the sand was because you could go underneath the sand area.  Then, you can play with all the sand area at once.” M

“My favourite part was the activities in the earth when you got to transport the rocks in a wheelbarrow.” G

“My favourite area was the water area where you got to shoot signs with a water pistol.” E

“I liked finding the dinosaur footprints in the sand and looking at what type of dinosaur we had found.”  D



Science in Kingfishers

This term, we are learning about Rocks and fossils, states of matter, animals and humans.  We have been working scientifically by gathering, recording and classifying information about rocks.  We have also compared different types of soils that we have found around the school.    During our states of matter learning, we have set up simple practical enquiries to compare water in solid, liquid and gas form.  We used our enquiry to draw conclusions about the different states of matter and at what temperature water changes state.  In addition, we are asking questions about our learning and following scientific enquiries about animals and humans.  We are enjoying looking up information on the internet and in books to support our learning.   We also discovered more about animals and states of matter during our class visit to Magna Science Adventure Park where we went to a Dinosaur Detective workshop and we looked around the fire, air, water and earth pavilions.



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Spring Term 2017



Christmas Fairy Tales

We are currently writing our own Christmas Fairy Tales.  We are learning about making our sentences more exciting using different sentence types.  As a class, we acted out our own fairy tales with Father Christmas and Rudolph.



Early footprints

Our topic this term is the Stone Age.  We have been busy researching our own information, making Stone Age fact files and looking at Stone Age settlements in the UK.  In art, we have created our own cave paintings in our new sketch books.



Solids, liquids and gases

We had an exciting afternoon looking at solids, liquids and gases.  We put some water in the freezer to see what would happen to it.  We also created our own condensation. The children compared the ice, water and condensation and discussed how they were formed. 



Reading and writing our numbers

We have been working on reading and writing numbers, especially focusing on our number formation.  The children are here busy matching the numerals with the words for each number.  They managed to do it in record time. 




Ordering and comparing numbers

We learnt about ordering numbers and comparing which ones are bigger and smaller.  We decided to use own number value knowledge to create the biggest possible number with all our number cards.




Counting backwards beyond zero

For our Maths, we went outside and used big chalks to create our own number lines for counting backwards. We have also been practising counting backwards beyond zero in sequences and seeing how far we can go.




Writing fables

We started the year by looking at some fables.   We acted out some of them and analysed them.  We then learnt about direct speech.  We used all our learning to write our own fables.




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Autumn Term 2016