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An Outstanding Church School


Welcome to Herons class page. We are year 5 children and our class teachers are Mr Davies who is supported by Mrs Verill.



Click here for Herons Medium Summer 1 Term planning overview


 Summer Term 2017


Exciting science investigations from Herons Class during the Spring Term

Investigating the effect of adding washing up liquid to milk and food colouring.


Making Non-Newtonian fluid using corn flour. 


Investigating thermal conductivity – melting butter using a range of materials suspended above boiling water.  


Dissolving Skittles in water, and observing the changes in colour.   


Combining baking soda, food colouring and vinegar, then watching to see the carbon dioxide create colourful foam.   



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Click here for Herons Medium Spring 1 Term planning overview


Spring Term 2017



In Herons class this year much of our learning has been centred on our topic, World War Two.

We’ve been writing stories and detailed recounts about the Battle of Britain. In DT, we have enjoyed building Anderson Shelters and painting pictures of the Blitz, in preparation for the children becoming evacuees for the day and visiting Eden Camp.

In maths, the children have been learning about place value, addition and subtraction and most recently, geometry.

Our topic in science has been ‘light’, and we have learned about sources and reflectors of light (as well as bioluminescent animals!), and begun examining translucent, transparent and opaque objects as well as how light is refracted through transparent objects.

We’ve been learning World War Two songs in music (I’ve heard many a Heron humming ‘Run, Rabbit Run!’ on several occasions around school!).

The children have also enjoyed learning French with Madame Heap, and they have wholeheartedly taken part in a range of sports and games during PE.

What a fantastic start to the year Herons have had, and it’s only going to get more exciting!

Mr. Davies






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Autumn Term 2016