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Welcome to Eagles class page. We are Year 6 children and our teacher is Mrs Cairns who is supported by      Mrs Hutchings.






The General Election 2017

This week we have been learning about the General Election 2017 and reading the manifestos for each political party. We discussed what we liked about each of them and what we disliked too! It was really interesting.

We formed small groups and created our own political party. We had to think of our party name, write manifestos, design emblems and slogans.

We delivered party speeches to the rest of the children in KS2 and after lots of canvassing outside at playtimes we held our own mock election. Every child was given a ballot paper and was asked to vote for their favourite party and then post it in the special ballot box.

So, who won??

Well, the results are in….

  1. Civil Defence Party = 12 votes

  2. The Future Party = 27 votes

  3. The Primary Party = 6 votes

  4. H.E.L.P. Party = 21

So, the winners are: The Future Party with 27 votes Well done to all of Eagles class for taking part and especially well done to our winners – Issy, Anna, Tilly and Oliver - The Future Party!



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Summer Term 2017


The Swinging Sixites


As part of our ‘Leisure and Entertainment in the 20th Century’ topic, we have been learning about 60s music, fashion and dancing. After listening to songs from the sixties, we had fun learning and attempting some dances from the 60s, including twisting and hand jiving. We then had a dance off between the boys and girls! 






Design and Technology

Eagles have had a fantastic time this term making clocks with Mrs Schofield from Ripon Grammar School. After first learning how to use a coping saw, the children were asked to design a clock. They then made their design out of wood - which involved sawing and sanding - as well as adding finishing touches including painting and fitting the clock mechanism. The children have had so much fun making the clocks and I’m sure you’ll agree that they all look fabulous!



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As part of our ‘Extreme Earth’ topic, Eagles were joined by Herons to create models of the Earth; from the inside out! After making our own play-dough, we used different coloured play-dough to make the inner core, outer core, mantel and the Earth's crust. Once we had completed our model with blue play-dough for the oceans and green for land, we sliced it in half. We were then able to label the layers with our little flags – they looked amazing!



Erupting Volcanoes

We have also been researching volcanoes and have each made our own paper mâché volcano. It was messy….but lots of fun! We are looking forward to making our volcanoes erupt in the next few days! Watch this space!!!!  


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Spring Term 2017




On Tuesday and Thursday this week, Eagles Class have been improving their cycling and road awareness skills with Bikeability, a course organised and run by North Yorkshire County Council.  

In Bikeability, we completed two days of training to achieve the Bikeability Levels 1 and 2. During our two day course, we learnt valuable skills such as:  U-turns, going round parked cars, hand signals and many other skills for staying safe on the road. On the first morning, we were in the playground practising our traffic skills. Then during the afternoon, we started to venture out onto local roads in the village. On the local roads, we tested our cycling knowledge in real-life situations. On the second day, we once again were out and about in the village, on the local roads, putting our new skills into practice.   

Despite some torrential downpours, we all really enjoyed Bikeability and we would like to send a great big thank you to the all of the instructors who gave up their time to teach us all about road safety. Happy cycling!

By Eagles Class




Freestyle Dance Club

The first two weeks of freestyle dance club has been great. Maddie Ashby, Grace Rogers and Charlie Pettman (from Eagles) have really enjoyed running it and the children have enjoyed dancing too. It’s really nice to see the children improving their dance skills each week. KS1 come on a Monday afternoon and KS2 come on a Tuesday afternoon break. They have loved us teaching them and we are sure that they will all improve throughout the year.


Rebecca in Owls says, “I’m really enjoying dance club and last week I got ‘Star Dancer!’


Lily-May in Owls says, “I’m really glad that they’ve set up a dance club!’





Periscope Challenge

In Science, Eagles were challenged to make a periscope using a cereal box and two mirrors. Here’s Tilly with one of our successful periscopes! 



Circuit Training in PE was great fun, but it was really tiring too.  We all finished the lesson with rather pink faces!




In Design and Technology we have made our own miniature Anderson Shelters, complete with vegetable patches with home-grown vegetables, using a tin can, shoe-box lid and some papier-mache. We have really enjoyed making these, especially the tiny leeks and carrots!





Our topic for this term is World War Two and we are having lots of fun learning about it!

In Art we designed and created our own pictures of The Blitz using either pastels or paint.



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Autumn Term 2016